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Mature content
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Commission: D.VA Vs. Sombra Round 1 :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 10 9
My Boxing OC: Emily Faul
Name: Emily Faul
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Weight: 136 lbs.
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, (March 12, 1994)
Weight Class: Lightweight
Stance: Slugger
Record: 0-12-0 
Favorite punch: Right uppercut
Favorite Combo: A one-two punch before ducking down and showing off her "super" Right Uppercut.
Power: 7.5/10
Speed: 4/10
Stamina: 8/10
Defense: 2/10
Toughness: 5/10
Finesse: 1/10
Overall: 5/10
Main attire: Green gloves with a dark green sports bra as well as dark green trunks. (Fights Barefoot)
Emily is a rather lacking boxer. She lacks training, and yet still tries. She's only in an underground fighting league, where she hasn't gotten a single knockdown, and by extension, won. Emily wanted to become a boxer simply because she wanted to stand up for herself after being ridiculed and made fun of. She wanted to become strong, so she did her best to work out and become proficient in the sport. Unfortunately, motivation didn't equal success, as she lea
:iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 10 30
Mature content
The Golden Dragon's Rise Ch.1: Boxing, huh? :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 16 28
Against The World: Chapter 2: Getting Launched
Everyone was flying through the sky as they were beginning their initiation.
"I believe I can fly...!" Ryuoji sung about in his corny way as he glided through the air, with his reptilian tail feeling slightly cold with the wind blowing on him.
"I believe I can touch the sky~" Aria added onto Ryouji's singing as she came right next to Ryouji to guarantee their partnership.
"I think abou-OUCH!!" Ryuoji rammed painfully into a tree.
"Oh, crap!" Aria stopped as she watched Ryouji slowly slowly slid down the tree and towards the floor. He flipped and fell onto his head, hitting the hard dirt.
"Owww....." Ryouji whimpered as he had stars around his head.
"*Sigh*" Aria shook her head as she slowly lowered her way to Ryouji at the bottom. 
"Get up." Aria smiled and slightly chuckled as she grabbed Ryouji's arm and helped him up by having him slouch against the tree.
"That was the worst landing strategy that I have ever done," Ryuoji grunted painfully.
"That's the first one you've ever don
:iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 4 12
Against The World: Team MAGA Selfie by Mechassault-Man Against The World: Team MAGA Selfie :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 24 14 OC: Aria (Rainbow) Makaw Colored by Mechassault-Man OC: Aria (Rainbow) Makaw Colored :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 17 2 OC: Ryouji (Goji) Takenaka Colored by Mechassault-Man OC: Ryouji (Goji) Takenaka Colored :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 17 0 OC: Aileen Jager Colored by Mechassault-Man OC: Aileen Jager Colored :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 16 0 OC: Mecha Colored by Mechassault-Man OC: Mecha Colored :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 21 11


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Cammy stood alone in a corner, for some reason, accepting this challenge put forth by this girl who was wearing little clothes. Cammy figured since she has decent combat experience she could beat her.

Sabrina had a grin on her face as she bounced on her bare feet, clad in her usual outfit whilst her breasts hung free. The short blond looked at her taller opponent and winked at Cammy. “You ready to get your ass kicked, bitch? I been waiting for someone like you to step in here and give me a real fucking challenge!”

“I can certainly give you a challenge.” Cammy responded to her opponent.

“Pfft, liar,” she said, walking to the center to tap gloves, but she planned on doing things the dirty way as always to get a leg up!

“Excuse me?” Cammy walked forward to the center. She planned to tap Sabrina’s gloves respectfully.

“You heard me, I just don’t think you got the tits to even stand against me!” Sabrina said, going for a tap, before suddenly trying to plow Cammy’s jaw with a right hook! But Cammy saw this coming from a mile away. She ducked underneath it and uppercutted Sabrina in the gut to start things off. 

Sabrina’s eyes bulged and she coughed out spittle, hunching over the taller girl’s glove! “F-fuck...” Cammy grunted, not one for talking much. She then followed up with another uppercut to Sabrina’s chin. Sabrina’s head snaps up with her jaws opening up and crimson flying from her lips! She staggered back and growled, trying to relay Cammy with a hook to her chest, and a left cross straight for her nose, hoping to bloody her up! Cammy took both the hook to the chest and the cross to her face, both of which making Cammy grunt in pain slightly. But she was slowed down a little. Sabrina had a chance here... 

“Come on, slut!” Sabrina tried to use this chance, throwing an overhand right straight for her skull, hoping to rattle her god damn brains! Afterwards, she would try and hammer Cammy’s marvelous abs, throwing uppercuts straight into her gut!

Cammy took the overhand right, making sweat and saliva flow all around the arena, but since the impact was so big, Sabrina missed her gut. Cammy backed up a little bit, and she had her guard up, protecting her face. 

“You like to dress slutty, huh?” Sabrina mocked, going in and delving low,trying to slam an uppercut just beneath her guard and straight for her solar plexus! Afterwards, she would follow up with a backhand right, essentially just bitchsmacking her!

Cammy’s body bent over at the hit Sabrina made. She groaned in pain with the contact. Then Sabrina’s other punch followed up and smashed Cammy’s face up. The first ounce of blood was poured from Cammy’s mouth.

“Hehe, looks like you ain’t as much a street fighter as you look!” Sabrina said, immediately trying to slam two uppercuts into Cammy’s chest! Afterwards, whether she dodged or was shocked and appalled, she would try to rip her cheek in with a left hook! “Who’s a good bitch?”

Cammy then revived, dodged Sabrina’s uppercuts, weaving backwards slightly. Then, when Sabrina’s left hook came, Cammy blocked it and slammed her own left hook into Sabrina’s cheek, hoping to get her back! Sabrina groaned and felt her cheek distort as her head jerked to the side, blood spewing from her lips! She stumbled into the corner, groaning as she tried to form her guard up! Cammy approached, throwing as many volleys of punches as she could at Sabrina’s chest, to make her open her guard, and then hitting Sabrina anywhere on her face. It made a perfect combo, Sabrina moaned in both pain and actual pleasure, just before breaking her guard and finding her face getting smacked around, left to right, back and forth, her mouth continuously spewing blood, bruises forming, eyes swelling as she went in for a desperate clinch! “Stop it!” She groaned out!

“Stop? It sounded like you...” Cammy grunted as she tried to get Sabrina off. “You enjoyed it!”

“You smacked my tits... Course I did,” she said and just as Cammy pushed her off, Sabrina tried to use this chance of confusion and disgust from Cammy to slam her right glove straight into Cammy’s jaw! “I’m taking your ass down either way!”

“No!” Cammy quickly put her gloves next to her chin to block the punch! Sabrina grinned and paused briefly, realizing she might be able to embarrass the girl and take her down through that. “You know, you’re pretty hot from this angle... I wonder how you look without that on,” she suddenly lunged forth for what looked like a clinch, but instead threw our a low uppercut for that gut of hers!

Sabrina’s feint worked in her favor, as the uppercut made to Cammy hit like a truck and caused Cammy to fall over and lean on Sabrina! Sabrina wrapped an arm around Cammy. Needless to say, Cammy would find Sabrina wrapping that arm around her waist and holding on tight, slamming punch after punch deep into her abs! “Come on, whore! What ya got?”

Cammy didn’t respond. She just kept wheezing and grunting at each punch that hit her abdomen.

Sabrina grinned and slammed another uppercut, digging that leather deep, making sure to grind it into that skintight outfit. “You’re unbelievably sexy~ Not my type though, and I’m sure Roman has some uses for you,” she said, pushing Cammy off and into the ropes where the poor woman wound bounce back into a sudden haymaker for the FACE, crushing her nose! Once Cammy hit Sabrina’s haymaker, she immediately fell forward and on her face.

Sabrina paused briefly and stomped on that rather beautiful piece of ass, grinding her boot into her, and even going so far as to tugging on the fabric and stretching it out for a sudden flash.
Roleplay: Cammy Vs. Sabrina
Another one that :iconmysticx1: would love to death...even more so if his Sofia was doing the beatdown...

Sabrina Andersons is owned by :icondarkraixgardevoir:

Cammy White belongs to Capcom.

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Emily Faul once again stood in the ring against a familiar foe. The one who called her a punching bag.

She was one, no doubt. Doneing her traditional green shorts, she went topless this time. She wanted to do this topless. Emily felt like it.

She jumped up and down on her feet and pounded her gloves together, staring down her foe, who was simply lounging.

“Sup, Punching Bag!” Sabrina said, standing tall, clad within her black shorts and custom made gloves fitted to match her tattoos. She had a bright grin on her face, and a competitive glint in her eyes, staring down at Emily’s now revealed breasts. “I’m surprised you came back, but before we start me kicking your ass brutally, why are you back in the ring with me after last time?”

She had spunk and spirit, something Sabrina could actually respect. She just had to know why first, but she was still excited beyond belief. 

"I had a settle to score with you. I mean, you did lick my fucking breast." Emily hissed at the opposing and stronger blonde.

“Meh, I’m from the streets. Licking a girl’s tits is the same as basically a hug. Don’t be such a prude, bitch, but you’re not losing that nickname. Come on, out your dukes up and let’s go at it, huh?” She said, grinning as she pounded her gloves!

Emily slowly cracked her neck to the side. Her abs were dripping with sweat. She had worked out quite a lot since then.

"And who gives a damn if you're from the streets." Emily groaned and put up her dukes, just like Sabrina ordered.

“Me, myself, and I, bitch,” she said within a chuckle, walking to the center with her gloves raised. She was impressed with Emily, mostly because the bitch had worked out a lot more than usual, so maybe she would pose a challenge?

Oh please.

Emily went to the center and she and Sabrina simply glared at each other for a moment before Emily got a quick right hook off to Sabrina's face, and it actually hurt this time.

Emily's bicep flexed and showed it's work here, showing how much Emily trained in the time that she was absent from the ring.

Sabrina’s head twisted to the side, her face showing pain for once, and her eye surgery full of surprise! However, Emily should know that when you punch a bull in the horns....

“BITCH!” She shouted, shaking away the sudden surprise from her body and throwing forth a deep right uppercut straight for her gurl!

You go for a ride.

"Kya-!" Emily's saliva flew from her mouth, as she was in incredible pain, and her mouth was wide open.

Emily's eyes turned from the ceiling, to Sabrina, and then, she did her best to ignore the pain and throw a volley of punches aimed directly for her face; not her body at all, to get payback so Sabrina wouldn't hurt her any more. Sabrina wouldn’t give Emily the chance at all for her volley, because as soon as her head flew, Sabrina tossed out a right hook straight for Emily’s cheek, her biceps bulging out, before trying to follow up with a sudden straight to the tit! “Fuck you!”

Emily used her arm to block the punch directed for her and instead, used that same arm to give Sabrina another right hook to the face!!!

Sabrina’s head jerked to the side and she growled, suddenly bullrushing into the girl! She would try and tackle her to the ropes, throwing right hooks deep into her liver all the while, a grin on her face! 

“Hey! You son of a-“

Sabrina put another punch into Kelly’s liver. Emily then got extremely angry and tried to hit Sabrina’s face while she had her head on her chest.

“Fuck off!” Sabrina grinned and reared her head back, deftly avoiding the punch Emily had in store! However, she came right back in, throwing a pair of alternating hooks straight for Emily’s jaw! 

Both punches hit Emily’s jaw and each one caused spit and blood to fly out of her mouth with each hit. It wasn’t pleasant for her. And now, Emily was backed to the corner. Sabrina grinned and unleashed an onslaught of hooks straight for Emily's face and breasts! However, she focused the most on her tits, slamming them around, flattening them, or sending them into Emily's own face! "You're gonna go down, bitch!"

Emily’s mouth, breasts, and body were turning into pulp at this point. Emily picked a fight she couldn’t win. And thus, she spent the next 10 seconds being beaten. Until Emily leaned on Sabrina, wrapping her arms around her opponent, and simply hiding her time. Sabrina grinned as Emily wrapped her arms around her, biding her time for recovery, but she wasn't merciful! She suddenly slammed her thigh between the girl's legs and shoved her off with a good uppercut to the gut! She would try and follow up with a powerful right hook to the jaw, a left straight for the nose, and finally trying to slam an uppercut into her chin! "Who's the champ, bitch!?"

“F-fuck you....!”

“What was that, pussy?” Sabrina once again threw her arm into Emily’s gut, making her jump up from the impact.

“FUCK YOU!!!” Emily then pushed herself off of Sabrina and kneed Sabrina in the stomach, catching her completely off guard! Then she cocked back a nasty right hook that almost looked like a slap, and whamed it into Sabrina’s cheek. THEN, Emily just threw punch after punch anywhere she saw an opening. She was getting this round back.

Sabrina's eyes bulged and before she knew it she was being smacked around, her body jerking left and right, blood flying, the blonde in a state of pure pain and surprise! She had to come back! She couldn't lose to the Punching Bag!

She threw forth a desperate but powerful uppercut...Straight between Emily's legs!

But Emily got the shot off first. She threw one last right hook just before Sabrina hit her in the crotch.

And for once, it hurt A LOT.

Sabrina's head jerked to the side, a dazed look in her now swollen eye, however she still stood firm! She looked to Emily who was now in pure pain and socked her right in the eye! She came in close, slamming three knees into the girl's gut, before unleashing an ELBOW into her jaw! "FUCK!" A hook to the jaw. "YOU!" An uppercut to the jaw. 

"CUUUUUNT!" And a haymaker straight for the kisser!

Emily fell backwards right as the punch was going to land. And thus Emily was knocked down.

Sabrina slammed her boot upon Emily's stomach and growled. "Stay down, punching bag... You're fucking done."

And yet, she got up.

And luckily to her, the bell dinged.

"Just fucking quit!" She shouted as she stood in her corner, baring her teeth at Emily with a snarl. She was definitely pissed!

Emily, too, sat in her corner, just resting. 

“I’m surprised...*huff* you don’t want this to go on for longer... *huff*

"You pissed me off... I'm gonna take you down bitch, and then I'm leaving you here fucking nude!" She shouted with a growl and pounded her bloodied gloves. " Why won't you stay down!?"

“Cause I can’t...” Emily paused for a moment. She then spit out blood on the ground.

"If the sound starts... You're not gonna be getting up, bitch... I'm giving ya one chance to leave this ring walkimg," she said, spitting out some bloody saliva before grinning. "Or you're not leaving this ring walking at all." 

“So now you’re threatening me?” Emily stared down Sabrina from a distance.

"I'm warning you, bitch..." she said with a small smirk now.

“Well then.” Emily took off the straps on her gloves. She was going bare knuckles.

"You quitting?" She asked, but she had a feeling that wasn't it... or maybe she was just wrong? 

Emily tossed her gloves aside. She then cracked her knuckles and cracked her neck.

It was time to fight fire with fire.

Sabrina tore off her gloves and tossed them right outta the ring, walking to the center to meet Emily with a firm glare. “You ain’t got a chance, bitch,” was all she said.

Emily stood up and walked to Sabrina towards the middle for the second round. The second she was within range though was when Sabrina would roar loudly and suddenly charge, tossing a right hook, but a feint! Instead, she unleashed a MASSIVE uppercut straight for her solar plexus! 


Emily’s solar plexus was hit, and she jumped slightly in the air from the impact!

Sabrina immediately followed up with a pair of hooks straight for Emily’s jaw before trying to slam a haymaker into her nose! “Fuck you!” 

The two hooks hit Emily's jaw head on, but the haymaker missed just barely because Emily stumbled backwards just in time.

Emily then shook her head and readied her fists a bit higher. She then inched a little bit closer, and then aimed for Sabrina's face too by going for a volley of punches to keep her suppressed.

Sabrina growled and weaved her way through the volley, using her arms as a shield the entire time with growls. She suddenly ducked below an incoming punch, dashing right in to smash her knuckles into the girl's stomach!

Emily’s eyes peered down and then she grabbed Sabrina’s fist.

“No thanks.”

Emily then kneed Sabrina in the face. Sabrina’s head snapped back with a bloody nose, the short blond growling and trying to slam her leg into Emily’s crotch! Once again, Emily dodged the blow and she rammed her knee into Sabrina’s stomach. Now she was turning the tide. Sabrina hunched over the knee, spitting out blood as she gasped for precious air that was escaping her body. Looks like this bitch did improve! “F-fuck...”

"You're not just gonna strip me down, bitch. I'm not going down without a fight!" Emily cocked back a right hook and slammed it right into Sabrina's now swelling face.

Sabrina groaned as her head snapped off to the side, the short blond losing sight as time continued, and she threw forth a sloppy hook for Emily’s head. “Fuuuck you!” The hook actually hit Emily's cheek, snapping her head to the side as well, but she didn't lose her footing. She did her best to stand her ground.

A runs was one shakey legs, ready to buckle down, but she’s was stubborn as she was mouthy. She growled and threw an uppercut right between her tits and straight for her chin! “Go down!”

The uppercut hit Emily's chin, and thus blood flew from her mouth and body as well as sweat. Her head sprung upwards and now the tables turned yet again.

Chance! This was her fucking chance! The blond moaned and lunged forth, throwingnout a right hook for Emily’s skull, a left cross for her cheek, and afterwards, she would close the distance, trying to grab Emily’s head and bring it down into Sabrina’s knee, hoping to repay her earlier! First the hook came. It connected hard. Then, the left cross came. It also connected. Emily's head began to feel extremely weird. It almost felt like her skull might crack.

Then Sabrina grabbed Emily's head and her knee connected. And Emily's jaw dislodged from it's spot. And then, she fell down and hit the ground.

Sabrina growled and stomped her foot atop Emily’s skull, grinding her boot down! “...Y-ya fuckin’ done?” She asked, but she hoped, for the love of Shitwhiskers, that Emily stayed down for fucking good!

...Emily seemed to choke on her own blood for a second! Then she coughed up some and she then began to sleep a bit. She was down for good this time.

Sabrina grinned and tossed aside her gloves, raising her fists into the air before glaring at Emily. She stripped the girl of whatever she wore and left her there nude as the day she was born. The perfect humiliation! She walked on off, hoping to get home and heal up...
Roleplay: Sabrina vs. Emily Faul II
...And the second fight between Sabrina and Emily. This is another series that might be a repeating one...

Sabrina Andersons belongs to :icondarkraixgardevoir:

Emily Faul belongs to me.


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