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Against The World: Ch. 3: Shenanigans
Glynda Goodwitch was leading Team MAGA into their dorm room. As she walked through the various bland hallways, she finally arrived at one that was in the middle of a group of dorms.
"This is your dorm, if you haven't figured out already." The vice principal said to the four students.
"I kinda figured when we were approaching this one," Ryuoji replied as he put his hands on his hips.
"Well good." Glynda put keys into the lock and opened the door. She walked inside, and invited everyone else in.
When the students walked in, the dorm was what a normal student would expect: four beds, all equal distance apart at the end of the room, a couple bookshelves, a window at the end, and even a closet. Though, they would change a few things around when they got the time.
"Not bad. I am already liking this room. What do you think, Aria?" Ryuoji turned to his Faunus friend/rival.
"Yeah, I like it. Although we've got a few adjustments to do..." Aria nodded her head in agreement and put her fingers on
:iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 0 0
Mature content
Commission: D.VA Vs. Sombra Round 2 :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 11 5
My Persona Awakening
???: Well, isn't this a sight to behold.
*Insert Awakening from Persona 5 OST*
Mecha: *Gasps in pain*
???: Remind me many years has it been? How many years have you been laying as a DOORMAT for everyone?!
Mecha: I-I..
???: TWELVE! TWELVE YEARS you've watched as people all around you use you...control you...
Mecha: Wh-what could I have done?! I couldn't do any-
Mecha: *Grips his head, and collapse to the ground*
???: But just HAD to act like a pussy...and allow ALL THE WORLD TO FUCK WITH YOU!
Mecha: I couldn't even...I couldn't even try!!
???: Well, I can change that.
Mecha: Wh-what..?
???: You heard me right. I can give you the strength to break through all the chains society has given you!
Mecha: Then..ARRGH!
???: Although...I'm beginning to change my did just sit by and not do anything for four years while your brain rotted away due to all those horrible thoughts they said about you. You could've
:iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 2 2
Emily Faul vs. Veronica Eagle Part 4 by Mechassault-Man
Mature content
Emily Faul vs. Veronica Eagle Part 4 :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 58 0
Emily Faul vs. Veronica Eagle Part 3 by Mechassault-Man
Mature content
Emily Faul vs. Veronica Eagle Part 3 :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 57 2
Emily Faul Vs. Veronica Eagle Part 2 by Mechassault-Man
Mature content
Emily Faul Vs. Veronica Eagle Part 2 :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 57 0
Emily Faul vs Veronica Eagle Part 1 by Mechassault-Man
Mature content
Emily Faul vs Veronica Eagle Part 1 :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 61 0
Veronica Eagle: Boxing Attire Colored by Mechassault-Man Veronica Eagle: Boxing Attire Colored :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 11 2 Veronica Eagle: Boxing Attire Sketch by Mechassault-Man Veronica Eagle: Boxing Attire Sketch :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 4 0 Veronica Eagle: Casual Outfit Sketch by Mechassault-Man Veronica Eagle: Casual Outfit Sketch :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 4 0
My Boxing OC: Veronica Eagle
Name: Veronica Eagle
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 149 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Light Blue
Birthplace: Jersey City, New Jersey (January 2, 1995)
Weight Class: Welterweight
Stance: Orthodox
Style: Slugger
Record: 9-3-0
Favorite Punch: Right hook
Favorite combo: Volley of jabs and/or volley of hooks
Power: 7.5-8/10
Speed: 9/10
Stamina: 7.5-8/10
Defense: 6.5/10
Toughness: 7/10
Finesse: 9/10
Overall: 8-8.5/10
Main attire: Black sports bra, red gloves with white outline. Black trunks with a white outline as well as black boots with white laces. She also had dark red on the boots.
Veronica grew up in a city that was tough, hard, and unforgiving. While she wasn't raised to be a punk, she definitely set off that vibe. She constantly has this vibe that she will kick your ass Seven ways to Sunday. But she is rather nice when she isn't angry. She is like almost any other person, looks out for her friends, protects them, is honest, loyal, and really a sweet perso
:iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 4 2
Mature content
The Golden Dragon's Rise Ch.2: Raven's Good... :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 10 12
Mature content
Roleplay: Sabrina Vs. Aileen III :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 2 0
Mature content
Roleplay: Cammy Vs. Sabrina :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 7 6
Mature content
Roleplay: Sabrina vs. Emily Faul II :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 2 3
Mature content
Roleplay: Aileen Vs. Sabrina II :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 1 0


Reporter Rumble: April V Lois by mayydayy Reporter Rumble: April V Lois :iconmayydayy:mayydayy 171 77 Comm by JeyraBlue: Confident Lilly Blair by KiraYamato74 Comm by JeyraBlue: Confident Lilly Blair :iconkirayamato74:KiraYamato74 21 5 Commission: Shelby vs Georgia by ShenPlease Commission: Shelby vs Georgia :iconshenplease:ShenPlease 15 5 Commission: Wolf vs. Lion by ShelbySinozaki Commission: Wolf vs. Lion :iconshelbysinozaki:ShelbySinozaki 11 4 Reporter Rumble: Endgame by mayydayy Reporter Rumble: Endgame :iconmayydayy:mayydayy 38 4 RWBY [WW2 Nations] France - Coco by ThyBlake RWBY [WW2 Nations] France - Coco :iconthyblake:ThyBlake 175 17 RWBY [WW2 Nations] Canada - Pyrrha by ThyBlake RWBY [WW2 Nations] Canada - Pyrrha :iconthyblake:ThyBlake 263 32 Club Fight  Kyda vs SJ 20 by Erazer941
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Crimson Flurry :iconbhboxing:BHBoxing 63 2


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This is NOT MY OC. This is the work of a fanfic writer. However, she is important to me because of my previous fanfics on She's a part of my RWBY team, Team MAGA.


Aria Makaw



18 years old

Favorite Quote: "See if you can keep up."

Nicknames: Rainbow (Ryouji, Team MAGA)

Martial Parrot (Ryouji)

Airhead (Ryouji & Various Villains)

Skittles (Team MAGA)

Ms. Kickalot (Aileen)

Scarlet Macaw Faunus


5'6" tall


5'9" wide total




A young teenage girl with short, multicolored hair of red, yellow, and blue. light tanned fur; brown eyes; has a bust size D-cup; slender and slim build with leanly toned muscles. Her wings are of the same color as her hair due the nature of her bird species.


She wears a modified, blue and yellow dance jacket with a blue hood and most of it unzipped to show off her stomach and her orange-yellow top that exposes a bit of her cleavage. Her sleeves only cover her shoulders, triceps, and wrists leaving most of her skin exposed. She wears pants with some loose leggings that only partially cover her legs and are connected by a white belt. 
Casual outfit: a simple blue and yellow striped t-shirt with yellow shorts with black rims.


Tomboyish, outgoing, cheerful, and energetic at dance parties. Not afraid to speak her mind, talkative, competitive, tough, and stubborn. The reason was that her father used to be a Huntsman, but he lost his job when he was critically injured in the wing and leg. Her personality was sort of a mask to fight for the position to become a Huntress in Signal Academy, and afterwards, to become the best. On the other hand, what is true is that she is a bit scatterbrained and distracted on missions when she finds something interesting or shiny due to inheriting her species' inherent curious nature. However, she has shown surprising moments of intelligence and maturity from time to time. Along with that, she did suffer a monumental blow a few years prior to the events of Against the World, when she tried to stop one of her old Faunus friends from joining the now evil White Fang, but ended up getting her back nearly split in half. It'd would have killed a normal human or Faunus. But Aria ain't normal. But she didn't come out of the fight without a scratch. Because of this, she now suffers from back problems occasionally.  But hurt her friends, and she'd be furious and livid to leave more than just broken jaws and busted nuts in her wake. 

Weapons & Fighting Style:

Shoe greaves; weaponized, mechanized, yellow and black shoes made of a lightweight material for her avian built, but strong enough to deal some serious damage. She can shoot out incendiary Dust bullets from the gunbarrels within her shoes. Since she is the practitioner of a style of combat reminiscent to that of capoeira, her main method of fighting is unleashing her kicks and punches within a wild dance of motions that effectively turns her into a dancing martial artist complete with highly mobile techniques of grappling made easier with her ability to fly. She can even do helicopter bird kicks similar to Chun-li's moves. 

Theme: The Calm Tropics (From Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires) [link]

High speeding in the air and got a ticket for it when she almost accidentally crashed into an airship.
- Maximum speed is 300 mph.
- Kicked and bashed a neighboring street Faunus gang for picking on a young human couple.
- Saved Ryouji from being killed by a few street thugs.
- Aria and Ryouji have an even matchup of 10 wins 10 losses each during their time at Haven Academy.


Rainbow Streak; similar to Ruby Rose's Semblance, Aria turns into a multicolored speeding bullet or comet leaving a trail of red, yellow, and blue feathers behind. She can also reach a max speed of 550 miles per hour while using her Semblance.
Team MAGA: Aria Makaw: OC Bio
The fourth and final member of my RWBY team: Team MAGA.

Aria is a Bird Faunus, a unique one at that. No one call me a racist against Faunus. And besides...she's sooo damn cool!

This is NOT MY OC. This is another person's OC who's profile on is right...



Added more feats to Aria's background, as well as her theme and additional nicknames.


I added a small little bit on Aria's backstory involving a "friend" from her past. It would come into play later on.


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I'm a...interesting guy. I love Anime, Women's Boxing, (Yes, I know it's weird, but I like it.) RWBY, Manga, and above All else, I love Video Games.

Oh, yeah. Don't ask me to RP with you for fucks sake.



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